Schmuck the Buck by EXO Books – Illustrated by Karina Shor

Beautifully illustrated Christmas satire

My rating:  4 out of 5

Larry (the reindeer) had a bad time at school being bullied, and gaining the nickname Schmuck.  Jobs are scarce in the North Pole, so he ends up working for Santa, and things are not going great,  until …

This is an adult satire illustrated book.  Rhymes, telling Schmuck’s story, are set into full page illustrations.   These illustrations are absolutely wonderful – look out for Grandpa!   

This is a book that gets better and better with each reading, as each time more of the satire comes through, and more and more humour can be seen in the illustrations. You won’t be reading this to the children (without adapting it), but may read it to your friends, or just laugh out loud to it on Christmas afternoon when everyone else is trying to snooze.

4*s from me, as on the 2nd+ readings, it made me laugh and I love the drawings.  (On the first read, I thought it was not for me, but others would enjoy it) . 

A great Christmas gift for anyone that enjoys satire! 

Pictures courtesy of EXO Books 

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