Biographies and Memoirs

I really enjoy reading about the lives of others, especially where their lives are very different to mine, and they have overcome difficulties to win through.

On my website I have a Biographies and Memoirs page, with uplifting books from this genre. Go to the page here: https://emmabbooks.com/home/memoirs-biographies/

Today I am going to talk about just 3 of the books on that page.


Link to my review: Sheeran by Sean Smith

Though not a particular fan of Ed Sheeran, I was curious as to how he became the star he is. This is a great biography about his childhood, how he worked hard to become known and eventually made it. The book is well set out so I was able to skip parts I wasn’t particularly interested in – like the background to many of his songs (I only know Perfect!), and I found it very readable!


Link to my review: Endurance by Scott Kelly

Before I start, I should admit that I am that person that waves at the International Space Station as it passes over. This wonderful autobiography tells how the author became an astronaut, and then what involved getting to the International Space Station, and living on it for a year. All very readable (I do not have a scientific mind!) and fascinating. Answers all (most) of those questions you have ever wanted to know about being in space.


Link to my review: Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman
USA Cover Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman

This is a wonderful memoir about being part of the New York Hasidic Jewish community, and how the author struggled against many of the strict rules and the lifestyle. I watched the Netflix programme of this name first, then wanted to know how much of the Netflix story was true, so listed to this as an audiobook. Such an interesting look into a different way of life from my own. Highly recommended!


So just a small selection from the Memoirs and Biographies section of EmmabBooks.com – find more under Non Fiction.

All the best. Emma

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