How to Draw Almost Everything, Volume 2 by Six Pommes

I can now draw!

My rating: 5 out of 5

This book will get even the most hopeless artist (me!) drawing within moments of opening it. 

How to DrawUpon receiving this book I jumped straight to the “How to Draw a Cat” page, and within moments had drawn a very acceptable cat simply by following the 3 stages pictures.  I then went back to the beginning and followed the warm up exercises, gaining in confidence in drawing curves, squiggles etc.    The book suggests ballpoint pens are used, and explains the differences between pens, but I just use what coloured pencils I have to hand. 

There are so many quick things to draw, animals, people, everyday stuff, decorative borders, celebrations etc, that there is really something here for everyone.  Many of the drawings have basic instructions, and more detailed ones.   Very little text, its all about following the drawing stages that are shown. 

The drawings are quick and ideal for getting an idea across, or using as basic illustrations, or brightening up a card, letter, invitation etc.   This book is not about how to produce fine artwork with perspectives etc, but everyone would be able to recognise my drawing as a cat (which in itself is astounding!).

5*s from me, as this book is fun, easy to follow and produces quick results using whatever pens and pencils you have to hand.  I have been picking it up to relax for 5 minutes and learn to draw an animal or bird, and also used it for an afternoon of fun, learning to draw people doing all sort of actions.  It is great for switching off from everything going on and concentrating the mind.  Absolutely love it! 

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