The Old You by Louise Voss

Psychological Thriller writing at its best     

My Rating:  5 out of 5     


The Old YouEd is diagnosed with early onset dementia, and then Lynn (his wife) begins to notice odd things happening, or is it her imagination?  Set mostly in the their home environment in the south of England, this is psychological thriller writing at its best. 

I was as  involved as the fictional character  Lynn, right from Chapter 1.  Is she doing the right things to help her husband, does his past have anything to do with what is going on now.  There are twists here to keep you guessing, moments when you want to shout at Lynn, and surprises you don’t see coming. 

Naturally having as a theme dementia, there are scenes which are distressing – and possibly not suitable for anyone who has had personal involvement with this condition.  But for those of us fortunate to be a little removed from this terrible illness, this is an exciting, at times dramatic, and always involving thriller. 

5*s from me, as I was completely involved with the characters from Chapter 1, and it never let up.

See also:  The Last Stage by Louise Voss 

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