Unheard Of by John David Bethel

Fiction close to real life

My rating:  4 out of 5

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An exciting thriller plus lots of interesting info about profiling and case histories of serial killers. 

Unheard OfFollowing a spate of murders on the Las Vegas Strip a newspaper reporter starts suggesting that there is a serial killer at work.  This is bad for tourism, so a criminal  profiler is called in. Can the reporter be tamed, and the killer, or killers, be caught before more people die?

This is an exciting thriller with a lot of depth and great focus on what is going on in the background when a city’s reputation is at stake.  There are good characters, shady characters and totally bad characters – it’s the shady ones that are most scary!  

This tension building thriller includes, within the storyline, comparisons with real life serial killers (most of them US based).  This slows the action down a little, but adds real life context. 

The ending was startlingly brilliant. It made me stop and think.  Could this happen in real life?  Yes, was my conclusion.   There is a section at the end with information about all the real life serial killers that are referred to in the book. 

4*s from me, mainly because most of the case histories given were not familiar to me (I’m not from the US).  For anyone who is interested in true crime and the profiling of killers this would definitely be a 5*+ read. 

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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful review. I appreciate your highlighting the research that went into the development of the story line. The novel is very close to true crime and it was the extensive study of the offenders and of the men and women who pioneered techniques to identify and apprehend them that I hoped would create an ambiance to draw the reader into the story. I’m pleased you found that I succeeded.

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