Welcome to my “About Me” page.    I’m Emma, and the photo I use of “myself” is actually of Charlie one of my cats, who is a lot better looking than me.    I’m British by birth, and now live in the Austrian Alps.

I am an independent book reviewer, reviewing books from a variety of sources, including self-published authors. Some of the books I review have been sent to me free of charge, some I have purchased privately.  I never receive payment for my reviews.  Charlie cleaned up E

I am no longer posting * ratings on this site, unless I find a book exceptional, in which case it will be listed under 5* reads.  I do not post reviews of books I have not enjoyed.

I read all genres except childrens’ books, erotica, horror/gore and anything too spine chilling.

I ONLY accept books for review in .mobi  format (for Kindle) or via NetGalley.  Books should never be sent to me until I have agreed to review them.

My list of books to be read/reviewed is full.  I am therefore not able to accept, or consider, any offers of books to review until further notice.  Sorry! 

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