2016 – 5* rated books

In author surname order.

A Day In the Life of Ancient Rome 130 x 210the-mountain-in-my-shoe-130-x-201Learning to Love 130 x 199Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors 130 x 195Ruby Flynn 130 x 205Dream Accomplished 130 x 200The Humans 130 x 201Twitter for Writers 130 x 200everything-love-is-130-x-209forensics-130-x-200The Silent Hours 130 x 197remember-remember-the-6th-november-130-x-188The 8 week blood sugar diet 130 x 199Old Friends and New Enemies 130 x 207Code Name Papa 130 x 194the-memory-box-130-x-198Siren 130 x 209The Love Detective 130 x 199The Bookseller of Kabul 130 x 204Let it Work 5/5The Boy from Hell 130x 201The House of York 130 x 173Into the Black 130 x 196