Recent Book Reviews

Feels real psychological fiction.
Audiobook memoir of this remarkable author.
Entertaining and twisty thriller.
1950 women and novelists.
Moving story of life and psychosis.
Short story. A Friday the 13th Story
Did she or not? Psychological thriller. 3/5
Morocco based, mystery thriller. 4/5
Prussia, historical fiction + fantasy. 3/5
Novel of old age, wit and hope. 5/5
Quirky, witty, thriller. 4/5
Entertaining psychological thriller. 4/5.
Moving, recent historical fiction – Ukraine. 5/5
Compelling, but dark, thriller. 4/5
Gentle and relatable fiction. 4/5
Family, love and honour set in Pakistan. 5/5
Thought provoking, exciting, speculative fiction. 5/5
Austenesque mystery. 5/5

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