Historical Fiction

A war against your ancestor’s country.
Arctic Convoys WW2
Regence Romance
1930s to 1960s England
1950s women and novelists.
Prussia, historical fiction + fantasy. 3/5
Moving, recent historical fiction – Ukraine. 5/5
Austenesque mystery. 5/5
1800s Historical Fiction. 5/5
US Marines, their dogs and the people of Afghanistan 4/5
Novel about the Oxford English Dictionary. 5/5
2 sisters in Occupied France. 5/5
England in 1835. Mystery and drama . 5/5
Spanish Civil War. 4/5
WWII historical fiction. 5/5
Glimpse into life as an Irish Traveller. 3/5
Life and love in Leningrad. 4/5
Gentle, but exciting, historical fiction. 5/5

The Pearl of York, Treason and Plot 130 xThe Good Cop130 x 202An Italian Affair 130 x 200Sculpting the Elephant 130 x 197Finding Maria 130 x 201The Worst Journey in the World 130 x 207Rivals of the Republic 130 x 198Brushstrokes in Time 130 x 184Through the Barricades 130 x 200the-man-from-st-petersburg-uk-130-x-199the-house-between-tides-130-x-199lady-lover-smugglerspy-130-x-195remember-remember-the-6th-november-130-x-188Siren 130 x 209the-girl-from-berlin-1-130-x-195Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors 130 x 195A Bargain Struck 130 x 196The Girl in Berlin 130 x 209A Day In the Life of Ancient Rome 130 x 210The Silent Hours 130 x 197My Own Dear Brother 130 x 290Fallout 130 x 198How to be Brave 130 x 199The Lost Girl 2 139 x 199When the Doves Disappeared 130 x 199Grey Souls 130 x 198Forgive Me 130 x 200House of Ashes 130 x 198Child 44 130 x 198News from Berlin 130 x 187The Pearl that Broke its Shell 130 x 196The English Girl 130 x 204

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