Romance and Women’s Fiction

Beautiful story of everyday lives
Regency Romance.
Feelgood contemporary fiction.
Strong, compelling, contemporary fiction.
1930 – 60s England – moving story of Matilda.
Engaging and moving look at life.
Entertaining and twisty thriller.
1950s women and novelists.
Moving story of 3 women – Ukraine. 5/5
Family, love and honour set in Pakistan. 5/5
Moving novel of family love and decisions. 4/5
Novel of Penguins and People. 5/5

Fiction to care about. 5/5
Fun and uplifting. 4/5
Marriage, Life and Friends. 3/5
Heartwarming story of everyday life. 5/5
A gripping fictional story about what it means to be human. 5/5
Loosely biographical fiction. 5/5
Beautiful novel about life. 5/5
Involving romance. 5/5
Living a life different to what others perceive. 5/5
Romance and a whole lot more. 4/5
Involving fiction. 3/5
Human, and bird, romance, 4/5

The Silent Daughter 130 x 200Away With the Penguins 130 x 200The Secret Hours 130 xIf The Ice Had Held 130 x 200The Mother I Could Have Been 130 x 200An Italian Affair 130 x 200Magnolia House 130 x 199The Book of Love 130 x 199The Tyre 130 x 200A House Without Windows 130 x 195The Great Alone 130 x 200This Is How It Always Is 130 x 195Heaven Adjacent 130 x 195The Lido 130 x 184Maria in the Moon 130 x 199An Italian Holiday 130 x 197The Last Night 130 x 207The Day I Lost You 130 x 198Through the Barricades 130 x 200the-silent-wife-130-x-190the-bees-130-x-199the-house-between-tides-130-x-199lady-lover-smugglerspy-130-x-195the-mountain-in-my-shoe-130-x-201everything-love-is-130-x-209the-memory-box-130-x-198jack-and-jill-went-downhill-130-x-207never-again-130-x-195Falling 130 x 185The House of York 130 x 173Learning to Love 130 x 199A Single Step 130 x 208Ruby Flynn 130 x 205Girls Weekend 130 x 200Free to be Tegan 130 x 198This is One Moment 130 x 197A Bargain Struck 130 x 196A Stranger's House 130 x 199The Love Detective 130 x 199The Anesthesia game130 x 195A spool of blue thread 130 x 198Ask Him Why 130 x 194The Family Divided 130 x 195The Lost Girl 2 139 x 199How to be Brave 130 x 199The Pearl that Broke its Shell 130 x 196The English Girl 130 x 204

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