Thrillers and Crime

A podcast to find a killer.
New Zealand based great thriller.
Nepal based thriller.
Topical political / spy thriller.
Did he or didn’t he?
Great characters and lots going on.
Clever, fast moving thriller.
Twisty and fast moving.
Realistic, involving and attention keeping.
Involving, easy flowing thriller.
Dramatic, exciting medical thriller.
Thriller to keep you guessing.
Murder mystery with clues to solve.
Psychological thriller.
Non-stop action thriller.
Involving and thoughtful thriller.
Drama, tension and a few spiders.
Fast moving thriller.
Feels real psychological fiction.
Entertaining and twisty thriller.
Did she, or not? 3/5
Morocco based, mystery thriller. 4/5
Quirky, witty, thriller. 4/5
Entertaining psychological thriller. 4/5
Compelling, but dark, thriller. 4/5
Thought provoking, exciting, speculative fiction. 5/5
Thrilling throughout. 4/5
Realistic, involving thriller. 4/5
Tension packed psychological thriller. 3/5
Crime thriller – great characters. 4/5
Cosy murder mystery. 3/5
Fast moving thriller. 5/5
Psychological thriller with gasp moments. 4/5
Gritty gangster thriller. 4/5
Gripping prison drama. 5/5
Crime thriller series. 4/5
Internet scams thriller. 4/5
Great characters and twists thriller. 3/5
Tense, London based, crime thriller. 4/5
Murder mystery on Isle of Wight. 3/5
Fast paced, Glasgow based thriller. 5/5
Fast moving, twisty, psychological thriller 5/5
Thriller that has got it all. 5/5
Glasgow based thriller. 3/5
Marriage to a stranger. Thriller. 5/5
True to life thriller. 5/5
Mackenzie Darroch Series Book 2. 4/5
Mackenzie Darroch Series Book 1. 4/5
Psychological thriller featuring a psychologist. 5/5
Uplifting mystery thriller. 5/5
Murder mystery. 3/5
Near future thriller. 3/5
Psychological thriller. 4/5
Intriguing mystery thriller. 4/5
Gangland thriller. 4/5
Involving psychological thriller. 5/5
Courtroom thriller. 3/5
Psychological thriller with attitude and action. 5/5
Attention keeping thriller. 5/5
Tension buiding thriller. 5/5
Gritty and exciting thriller. 5/5
Thriller set around the Houses of Parliament. 5/5
Thriller with great twist. 3/5
Psychological thriller. Is he really perfect? 5/5

The Silent Daughter 130 x 200I am Dust 130 x 198Deep Dark Night 130 x 199Grace is Gone 130 x 199American Dirt 130 xThe Assistant 130 x 200Monk 130 x 199Unheard Of 130 x 195The Guilty Mother 130 x 199Deadly Harm 130 x 198The Second Sleep 130 x 193Glimpse Book 3 130 x 207The Retreat 130 x 198Believe Me 130 x 201Bad Sons 130 x 183The Last Stage 130 x 199Glimpse Memoir, Book 1 130 x 207Proximity 130 x 200So The Doves US 130 x 201Glimpse Book 2 130 x 207A Justifiable Madness 130 x 198Amok 130 x 130Faith 130 x 195Dirty Little Secrets 130 x 200out of the silence 130 x 198what lies within 130 x 201The Sicilian Woman's Daughter 130 x 198In Harm's Way 130 x 198River Bodies 130 x 195The Old You 130 x 199A House Without Windows 130 x 195ARCAM130 x 205Let Me Lie 130 x 195The Damascus Cover 130 x 198Star of the North 130 x 195An Engineered Injustice 130 x 195The Things You Didn't See 130 x 195The Girl I Used To Be 130 x 195Not That I Could Tell 130 x 201Only The Innocent 130 x 195Camino Island 130 x 198The Poisoned Rock 130 x 198The Camera Lies 130 x 198The Confession 130 x 196Best Friends Forever 130 x 195My Girl 130 x 205The Fountain in the Forest 130 x 199Speed the Dawn 130 x 195Maria in the Moon 130 x 199Munich 130 x 195The Fallen Agent 130 x 207Delaney 2 130 x 189A Patient Fury 130 x 199So The Doves 130 x 198Influence 130 x 195Conclave 130 x 201Belief 130 x 194The Orphans 130x209Gone Without a Trace 130 x 200The Whistler 130 x 198The Ice 130 x 207Before the Devil 130 x 198I See You 130 x 204Games People Play 130 x 184old-friends-and-new-enemies-2-130-x-198the-silent-wife-130-x-190the-drowning-game-130-x195out-of-bounds-130-x-212the-memory-box-130-x-198the-comfort-of-black-130-x-195ward-zero-130-x-195a-deadly-thaw-130-x-200Rogue Lawyer 130 x 199Siren 130 x 209At the Bottom of the Stairs 130 x 207The Beauty of the End 130 x 197We Shall Inherit the Wind 130 x 200Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors 130 x 195Long Time Lost 130 x 199Lies of the Dead 130 x 208Death Comes First 130 x 197I let you go 130 x 204An Invisible Client 130 x 195Point of Control 130 x 195Passenger 19 130 x 195Lost Girls 130 x 200Pegasus Down 130 x 187Beside Myself 130 x200Fatal COmplications 130 x 195The Unexpected Inheritance 130 x 199Give Us This Day 130 x 197A Body in Barcelona 130 x 209The Girl with No Past 2 130 x 200Baptism130 x 200You Think You Know Me  130 x 1991989 The Berlin Wall 130 x 209<The Lying Down Room 130 x 197

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