Thrillers and Crime

Involving and thoughtful thriller.
Drama, tension and a few spiders.
Fast moving thriller.
Feels real psychological fiction.
Entertaining and twisty thriller.
Did she, or not? 3/5
Morocco based, mystery thriller. 4/5
Quirky, witty, thriller. 4/5
Entertaining psychological thriller. 4/5
Compelling, but dark, thriller. 4/5
Thought provoking, exciting, speculative fiction. 5/5
Thrilling throughout. 4/5
Realistic, involving thriller. 4/5
Tension packed psychological thriller. 3/5
Crime thriller – great characters. 4/5
Cosy murder mystery. 3/5
Fast moving thriller. 5/5
Psychological thriller with gasp moments. 4/5
Gritty gangster thriller. 4/5
Gripping prison drama. 5/5
Crime thriller series. 4/5
Internet scams thriller. 4/5
Great characters and twists thriller. 3/5
Tense, London based, crime thriller. 4/5
Murder mystery on Isle of Wight. 3/5
Fast paced, Glasgow based thriller. 5/5
Fast moving, twisty, psychological thriller 5/5
Thriller that has got it all. 5/5
Glasgow based thriller. 3/5
Marriage to a stranger. Thriller. 5/5
True to life thriller. 5/5
Mackenzie Darroch Series Book 2. 4/5
Mackenzie Darroch Series Book 1. 4/5
Psychological thriller featuring a psychologist. 5/5
Uplifting mystery thriller. 5/5
Murder mystery. 3/5
Near future thriller. 3/5
Psychological thriller. 4/5
Intriguing mystery thriller. 4/5
Gangland thriller. 4/5
Involving psychological thriller. 5/5
Courtroom thriller. 3/5
Psychological thriller with attitude and action. 5/5
Attention keeping thriller. 5/5
Tension buiding thriller. 5/5
Gritty and exciting thriller. 5/5
Thriller set around the Houses of Parliament. 5/5
Thriller with great twist. 3/5
Psychological thriller. Is he really perfect? 5/5

The Silent Daughter 130 x 200I am Dust 130 x 198Deep Dark Night 130 x 199Grace is Gone 130 x 199American Dirt 130 xThe Assistant 130 x 200Monk 130 x 199Unheard Of 130 x 195The Guilty Mother 130 x 199Deadly Harm 130 x 198The Second Sleep 130 x 193Glimpse Book 3 130 x 207The Retreat 130 x 198Believe Me 130 x 201Bad Sons 130 x 183The Last Stage 130 x 199Glimpse Memoir, Book 1 130 x 207Proximity 130 x 200So The Doves US 130 x 201Glimpse Book 2 130 x 207A Justifiable Madness 130 x 198Amok 130 x 130Faith 130 x 195Dirty Little Secrets 130 x 200out of the silence 130 x 198what lies within 130 x 201The Sicilian Woman's Daughter 130 x 198In Harm's Way 130 x 198River Bodies 130 x 195The Old You 130 x 199A House Without Windows 130 x 195ARCAM130 x 205Let Me Lie 130 x 195The Damascus Cover 130 x 198Star of the North 130 x 195An Engineered Injustice 130 x 195The Things You Didn't See 130 x 195The Girl I Used To Be 130 x 195Not That I Could Tell 130 x 201Only The Innocent 130 x 195Camino Island 130 x 198The Poisoned Rock 130 x 198The Camera Lies 130 x 198The Confession 130 x 196Best Friends Forever 130 x 195My Girl 130 x 205The Fountain in the Forest 130 x 199Speed the Dawn 130 x 195Maria in the Moon 130 x 199Munich 130 x 195The Fallen Agent 130 x 207Delaney 2 130 x 189A Patient Fury 130 x 199So The Doves 130 x 198Influence 130 x 195Conclave 130 x 201Belief 130 x 194The Orphans 130x209Gone Without a Trace 130 x 200The Whistler 130 x 198The Ice 130 x 207Before the Devil 130 x 198I See You 130 x 204Games People Play 130 x 184old-friends-and-new-enemies-2-130-x-198the-silent-wife-130-x-190the-drowning-game-130-x195out-of-bounds-130-x-212the-memory-box-130-x-198the-comfort-of-black-130-x-195ward-zero-130-x-195a-deadly-thaw-130-x-200Rogue Lawyer 130 x 199Siren 130 x 209At the Bottom of the Stairs 130 x 207The Beauty of the End 130 x 197We Shall Inherit the Wind 130 x 200Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors 130 x 195Long Time Lost 130 x 199Lies of the Dead 130 x 208Death Comes First 130 x 197I let you go 130 x 204An Invisible Client 130 x 195Point of Control 130 x 195Passenger 19 130 x 195Lost Girls 130 x 200Pegasus Down 130 x 187Beside Myself 130 x200Fatal COmplications 130 x 195The Unexpected Inheritance 130 x 199Give Us This Day 130 x 197A Body in Barcelona 130 x 209The Girl with No Past 2 130 x 200Baptism130 x 200You Think You Know Me  130 x 1991989 The Berlin Wall 130 x 209<The Lying Down Room 130 x 197

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