Other Genres

Moving story of life and psychosis. 5/5
Short story for Friday the 13th. 4/5
Novel of old age, wit and hope. 5/5
Gentle and relatable fiction. 4/5
Family, love and honour set in Pakistan. 5/5
Moving novel of family love and decisions. 4/5
Literary fiction, mystery and intrigue. 5/5
Novel of Penguins and People. 5/5
US Marines, their dogs and the people of Afghanistan. 4/5
Wonderful story of friendship. 4/5
Novel about change, challenges and uncertainty at age 17. 3/5
Living a life different to what others perceive. 5/5
A book to read, love and talk about. 4/5
Beautiful novel of relationships and change. 4/5
Literature. 3 women, 3 stories
A memoir style novel of hope and autism. 5/5

American Dirt 130 xMid-life follies 130 xThe Cat Chronicles 130 x 202Good Grief 130 xA Horse Walks into a Bar 130 x 200reckless beginnings 130 x 195The Tyre 130 x 200The Great Alone 130 x 200This Is How It Always Is 130 x 195Three Shoeboxes 130 x 200Still Life 130 x 200Drift Stumble Fall 130 x 198The Prince and the Pea 130 x 195Broken Branches 130 x 206The Ice Lands 130 x 198the-bees-130-x-199shepherd-and-the-professor-130-x-195Me The Biological 130 x 207The Humans 130 x 201The Anesthesia game130 x 195The Birds 130 x 145The Wandering Pine 130 x 201The Martian 130 x 213

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