Audio Books

Wonderful story of friendship. 4/5
Near future thriller. 3/5
Psychological thriller. 4/5
Romance and a whole lot more. 4/5
Courtroom thriller 3/5
Attention keeping thriller. 5/5
Tension building thriller. 5/5
Psychological thriller. Is he really perfect? 5/5
Life and love in Leningrad. 4/5

Short reviews of some of the outstanding audio books I have listened to.  

Away With the Penguins 130 x 200The Secret Hours 130 xAmok 130 x 130Let Me Lie 130 x 195This Is How It Always Is 130 x 195Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 130 x 130The Marshmallow Test 2 130Do No Harm130 x 130A Christmas Carol 130 x 130