The Cat that Changed America by Tony Lee Moral @TonyLeeMoral

Book Preview

Publication Day:  22 October 2020 

Overview (from Amazon.co.uk)

Based on a true story with an imaginative retelling for young readers;
P22 mountain lion is born in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains outside Los Angeles, California.  But he is forced out of the mountains by Prime, a fierce older male lion who wants him dead.
He heads east to stake out a new territory of his own in the bright lights of the big city.
Along the way, he makes friends as well as enemies, and crosses two freeways, the 405 and 101.  He passes through the City of Stars at night, and strolls down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, all the while trying to avoid those bothersome humans.
After more adventures, he reaches the edges of Griffith Park. Can he make it his new home?

The True Story Behind the Book (fromhttps://thecatthatchangedamerica.com/  )

P22 is the most famous mountain lion in the world, living in Griffith Park, right in the heart of Los Angeles. He was born in the Santa Monica Mountains, and crossed two of the busiest freeways in America, the 405 and the 101, before he settled in the park. Yet P22 is now trapped, hemmed in by freeways and the urban sprawl, with little chance of ever finding a mate. Now a new documentary film will explore his plight and the development of the wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon in Los Angeles. Angelenos and local conservationists alike are battling to help P22 and the mountain lions of the Santa Monica Mountains, as they try to raise $85 million dollars, while facing resistance from public ignorance and the spread of rodenticides.

About the Author (from https://thecatthatchangedamerica.com/  )

Tony is an award winning film maker, television producer and owner of Sabana Films which produced The Cat that Changed America. In 2015, he won the Special Jury Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for The Secret Life of Your House. Over his 25 year career, he has produced and directed many programmes in the science and natural history strand for a range of broadcasters. He spends his time between California and England, and has a special interest in big cats. For more information about Tony, check out his website at http://www.tonyleemoral.com.

Photo from: https://thecatthatchangedamerica.com/

Photo credit:  Miguel Ordenana

I love the sound of this book, so I thought I would share it with you.

All the best. Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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