#amreading – What, Why, While

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading the psychological thriller Inside the Whispers by A.J. Waines  @AJWaines, who has published 10 Psychological Thrillers  (see them all at awaines.co.uk  )

It was published by Bloodhound Books  @Bloodhoundbook  in October 2018 and is available in paperback, audiobook and e-book. 

Inside the Whispers is the 1st of 4 books in the Samantha Willerby Mystery Series. I understand they can be read in any order, or as stand alone thrillers.

Photo from awaines.co.uk

Blurb (taken from:  the author’s blog at awaines.blogspot.com )

 ‘Superb Psychological Thriller’ 5 stars – bestselling author E.M. Powell

The most dangerous place is inside your own head…

Dr Samantha Willerby, a specialist in Post Traumatic Stress, has never seen anything like this before. Following a fire on the London Underground, three survivors seek her help – but although unmistakably traumatised, their stories don’t match the facts. Are they ‘faking it’? Sam’s confusion turns to horror when one by one, instead of recovering, they are driven to suicide.

When her lover, Conrad, begins to suffer the same terrifying flashbacks, Sam is desperate to find out what’s causing them. As a mysterious and chilling conspiracy begins to unravel, the nightmares begin for Sam…

A Samantha Willerby mystery, Inside the Whispers is a tense, haunting psychological thriller that will leave your nerves in shreds. It can easily be read as a stand-alone novel and will appeal to fans of authors like Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins and Mark Billingham.

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

Because the lovely people at Bloodhound Books did a Christmas giveaway of some of their titles so I took the opportunity to grab this one (and a few others!) 😊

So far I’m loving that the character of Samantha is a clinical psychologist working within a hospital.  Not only is she a very likeable character, but the plot is interesting and exciting and certainly holding my attention!    My review will be up on EmmabBooks soon!     

While (I  am reading it) 

Again we’ve had some lovely sunny days so I’ve been off out walking.  Here’s a picture taken from a viewpoint not far from here, showing how the ski pistes are being kept open, although the snow has mostly disappeared from the surrounding areas.

Also took Charlie (the cat of my logo) to the vet for some general boosting up.  A couple of injections in his neck and  he’s running around like a young-ish cat.  Wish I could have some of what the vet gave him! 

If you would like to tell me What you are reading, Why you are reading that book, and what you’re doing While you’re reading it, then let me know via   the Guest Blog Page on EmmabBooks.com   and maybe I’ll blog about it. 

All the best, Emma

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