#amreading – What, Why, While : Prisoner by Ross Greenwood @greenwoodross @BoldwoodBooks

Audiobook narrated by David Thorpe

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently listening to the Audible version of the thriller Prisoner by Ross Greewood.  The author is an ex prison officer, which makes it all the more interesting.  The book was published in April 2021 by Boldwood Books and is available in audio, paperback and ebook. 

Book Blurb (taken from  https://www.boldwoodbooks.com/book/prisoner/   )


Prison Officer Jim Dalton works on the male side of HMP Peterborough. It’s a dangerous place, fuelled by testosterone-driven violence, but he has the prisoners’ respect. When Dalton is transferred to the female side of the prison, his next shift is so easy he can’t believe that the officers over there get paid the same wages. He sleeps well for the first time in years.

Billie hasn’t had it easy in life, and she has earned the nickname Damage because she has been known to cause some! Ending up in prison might have been inevitable, but Billie hasn’t given up on her dreams yet. If there’s a way to get out of prison faster, she’s going to find it.

When Dalton is assigned to the young offenders’ wing, dealing with female prisoners no longer seems so simple, and in Billie he fears he may have met his match. As Billie starts to turn the screw, Dalton faces losing everything…

Taking a break from his bestselling DI Barton series, Ross Greenwood returns with this shocking, page-turning and utterly compelling glimpse behind the bars of a women’s prison. From a man who walked the landings himself…

Praise for Ross Greenwood:

Move over Rebus and Morseexplosive plot kept me turning the pages until the final dramatic twist.’ author Richard Burke

‘Master of the psychological thriller genre Ross Greenwood once again proves his talent for creating engrossing and gritty novels that draw you right in and won’t let go until you’ve reached the shocking ending.’ Caroline Vincent at Bitsaboutbooks blog

‘Ross Greenwood doesn’t write clichés. What he has written here is a fast-paced, action-filled puzzle with believable characters that’s spiced with a lot of humour.’ author Kath Middleton

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I’m reading this for two reasons.  The first being that I’ve seen some great recommendations for it on Twitter.  The second is that I recently watched the mini drama series “Time” on TV, about a teacher (played by Sean Bean) sentenced to 4 years in prison – and it was brilliant.   So I was curious to know more about prison life – via reading, not personal experience!

While (I  am reading it) 

This week I walked up a steep mountain path taking an hour to walk the 3.17 km/497 metres up  (1.96 miles / 1,6380 feet).  On the way there were lots of “race markings”, so a quick local paper search (when I was home) revealed that there is soon to be a series of endurance races in this area, the longest ascent being 1,340 kms.  Made me glad my running days are behind me, and there was definitely no “what do you think about …” discussion to be had! 

On my leisurely walk up I had time to admire the views, enjoy the weather and chat to a few cows.  The marking on the tree in the photo shows that it is a walking path – nothing to do with the race.  Those are clouds over the mountains in the distance – not snow (yet).

My review of Prison by Ross Greenwood will soon be up on EmmabBooks.com. For reviews of audiobooks I have enjoyed have a look at my page here: Audiobook reviews

All the best, Emma

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