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What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading Matilda Windsor is Coming Home by Anne Goodwin.  This literary fiction was published on 29th May 2021 by Inspired Quill. 

Book Blurb (taken from  https://www.inspired-quill.com/   )

In the dying days of the old asylums, three paths intersect.

Henry was only a boy when he waved goodbye to his glamorous grown-up sister; approaching sixty, his life is still on hold as he awaits her return. As a high-society hostess renowned for her recitals, Matty’s burden weighs heavily upon her, but she bears it with fortitude and grace. Janice, a young social worker, wants to set the world to rights, but she needs to tackle challenges closer to home.

A brother and sister separated by decades of deceit. Will truth prevail over bigotry, or will the buried secret keep family apart?

In this, her third novel, Anne Goodwin has drawn on the language and landscapes of her native Cumbria and on the culture of long-stay psychiatric hospitals where she began her clinical psychology career.

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

When I was at school (a very long time ago!) I used to visit long term residents at a psychiatric hospital, as part of my school’s volunteer programme.  Some years later I got to know a couple who had spent most of their lives in such an institution and were then living out in the community, with support.  So when I came across this book, it naturally called out to me.  I’m only a few chapters in so far, and am finding it moving and wonderful. 

While (I  am reading it) 

I have downloaded the debut single of Tara Henton Now That You’ve Gone, and been singing my heart out along with it, and dancing away (obviously only when home alone!) .  Although the lyrics are sad, the music is uplifting and I absolutely love it. 

Here’s a sample of it with links for downloading/streaming: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tarahenton/now-that-youre-gone

With thanks to Tara Henton @tarahentonmusic for allowing me to use this picture.

and here is a YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUQlTyhMB_s

All the best, Emma

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  1. Matilda Windsor is Coming Home sounds good. That’s cool that you spent time volunteering in a psychiatric hospital when you were in school. I imaging your experiences there affected you for years afterward.

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