#amreading – What, Why, While :  Looking Up by Abena Eyeson   Guest Post @natakabooks @ey_abs

Today I am thrilled to feature my guest Nataka Books, telling us What they  are reading, Why and what they should be doing While they are reading. 

Nataka Books’ focus is on books by authors of African heritage wherever they are globally. “We read all books. We promote African books. Give books to others, exchange ideas and learn.” Find them at https://www.natakabooks.co.uk/ and on Twitter @natakabooks

What (Nataka Books is currently reading)?

Looking Up by Abena Eyeson.    Published in 2019 this can be purchased in all the normal places, as well as from Nakata Books: https://www.natakabooks.co.uk/product-page/abena-eyeson-looking-up

Find the author on Twitter: @ey_abs

Book Blurb  (taken from  https://www.goodreads.com/   )

Thirteen-year-old Esi is reluctantly on her way to London, England. After many happy years with Grandma in Ghana, she is joining Maggie, the mother she hasn’t lived with since the age of six.

Her move to London, not only forces Esi to deal with challenges she’s never faced before, but it brings up lots of questions about Solomon, her absent father, and Maggie – the answers to which in the end change her life.

A compelling, family drama about faith, friendship, relationships, overcoming difficulties and the resilience of love, Looking Up will be enjoyed by older children and adults alike.

Why (is Nakata Books reading this book)? 

I read widely and harboured ambitions to write. In lockdown I decided to put this into practice. One area I could contribute to was to review independent authors and little know writers and promote diverse books. The book Looking Up ticks all those boxes but I am primarily reading it to find out what Esi is up to ! 

While (I  am reading it) 

Here is a picture of what I should have been doing,  but instead was reading Looking Up. Indeed I read this book in two evenings because of its pace and reveals at the end of each chapter which make it difficult to put down.   Find out more about what I thought at:  https://www.natakabooks.co.uk/product-page/abena-eyeson-looking-up


Thank you so much Nakata Books for introducing us to Looking Up by Abena Eyeson, another book for my TBR list 😊

All the best, Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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