#amreading – What, Why, While : Faceless by Vanda Symon @vandasymon @OrendaBooks

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading Faceless by Vanda Symon.  This thriller, published by Orenda Books, is already available in audiobook, and the paperback publication day is 17 March 2022.

Book Blurb  (taken from https://orendabooks.co.uk/product/faceless )

Worn down by a job he hates, and a stressful family life, middle-aged, middle-class Bradley picks up a teenage escort and commits an unspeakable crime. Now she’s tied up in his warehouse, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Max is homeless, eating from rubbish bins, sleeping rough and barely existing – known for cadging a cigarette from anyone passing, and occasionally even the footpath. Nobody really sees Max, but he has one friend, and she’s gone missing.

In order to find her, Max is going to have to call on some people from his past, and reopen wounds that have remained unhealed for a very long time, and the clock is ticking…

Hard-hitting, fast-paced and immensely thought-provoking, Faceless – the startling new standalone thriller from New Zealand’s ‘Queen of Crime’ – will leave you breathless.

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I love thrillers and I love books published by Orenda Books – not much more to say.   Except this book is set in Auckland, New Zealand, and is the first I have read by Vanda Symon. 

While (I am reading it)

Our daily temperatures are varying between -10C when I get up in the morning, to about 25C in my sunny corner of the patio at lunch time.  It was close to freezing when I took this temperature, so though it looks very beautiful I wondered how cold the passengers were, standing still in their basket?  Or does the hot air going into the balloon keep the passengers warm?  Anyone know? 

To see all my Thrillers and Crime reviews go to https://emmabbooks.com/thrillers-and-crime/

All the best, Emma

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  1. The hot air does warm the basket somewhat and the air up there might also feel a bit warmer than down where you are. But I’ll bet they were wearing warm winter attire too 😄

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  2. Have Symon’s Overkill on my kindle. After reading your review, I’ve moved it up on my list.
    Beautiful shot of air balloon. You’re so lucky to live in such a fabulous area.
    Cheers &happy reading!

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