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Today is Publication Day for the historical fiction A Moment of Faith by Martin Svaneborg. Published by Kingsley Publishers, this is a love story tied in with a present day mystery. Below I am pleased to have the Book Blurb for you, and an excerpt.

Book Blurb

Copenhagen, 1840 – Fighting to reconcile his obligations with a quest for romance, the eccentric philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, rushes through the cobbled streets, thrusting himself into the arms of Regine and a disastrous engagement.

Copenhagen, 1855 – Withering away in a hospital bed, Bitter and alone, Kierkegaard conjures up a preposterous scheme. A vendetta against the Bishop of Copenhagen, and a mission to save the future of love.

Copenhagen, now – Introvert Christian Kardahl, meets devout and mysterious Emma for the first time. Two days later, Christian comes across an old letter aimed to destroy a famous, eccentric philosopher. When a sudden murder is added to the mystery, the past has caught up. Christian and Emma are drawn into an involuntary quest that will make them question their belief in history and, unless they can sort out the puzzle, their faith and love will be forever doomed.


I instantly felt as if everybody was watching me, but under the green lamps, everybody else was preoccupied. In the back corner of the hall was a concealed door, which could be an old fire exit. It was just what I needed, but I was not sure where it would lead. It was too risky. I would draw far too much attention to myself crossing the hall only to find the door locked and have the sound of a rusty, old doorhandle disturb the silence.

There was only one way out. Obviously, there were two, as I could choose not to do what I was about to do, and which I knew was illegal. I could take the path I usually took; the sensible path; the path not leading to conflict. Something mystifying, however, drew me to this letter I had just found, and I knew it would leave the royal library with me. Thus, there was only one way out. Literally. I had to take the path always taken in Hollywood films, when the hero had to be cool. Hide in plain sight. Exit via the main entrance.

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All the best, Emma

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