#amreading – What, Why, While :  George Bunce and the Black Wave of Fear by Martin Geraghty @MartinGeraght1 @SpellBoundBks @ZooloosBT

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading the contemporary fiction George Bunce and the Black Wave of Fear by Martin Geraghty which is being published by SpellBound Books on 18th April 2022. 

Book Blurb  (supplied by http://zooloosbooktours.co.uk/ )

Meet George, a resident at the Four Seasons care home.

Meet Carrie, an occupational therapist at the Four Seasons care home.
Join them as they form an unlikely friendship.
Immerse yourself in their story as they discover second chances in life.
Cheer for them as they find laughter in the face of adversity.
Support them as they both finally learn to bury the ghosts of their pasts and learn to live again.

Most importantly, allow George and Carrie to take you on a journey where you might just end up discovering yourself.

George Bunce and The Black Wave of Fear is an extraordinary and poignant tale full of hope and humour.  

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I liked the look of this book as I was in the mood for something with humour in it, and this fiction sounds like it has a positive outcome.   Set (at least initially) in a care home was an unusual setting and so intrigued me.  The title and book cover also played their part in my decision process.

While (I am reading it)

Spring weather here – one day its lovely and sunny, the next it is pouring with rain, and today we have had a mix of snow, hail and sleet.  A few days ago I went out for a walk in the pouring rain, and along the rather barren (and wet) river bank came across this beautiful bunch of snowdrops. 

 My review of George Bunce and the Black Wave of Fear by Martin Geraghty will be up on EmmabBooks.com around publication day.

All the best, Emma

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