#amreading – What, Why, While :  Cerebral Palsy : A Story –  by Ilana Estelle @TheCPDiary @RedDoorBooks @ZooloosBT

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading Cerebral Palsy: A Story: Finding the Calm After the Storm by Ilana Estelle.  This was published in January 2020, by RedDoor Press and is Ilana’s part memoir, part motivational guide. 

Book Blurb  (taken from  https://www.thecpdiary.com/  )

Living with cerebral palsy is enormously difficult. But what if you never knew you had it? This is ‘My Story.’

Part memoir, part motivational guide, Cerebral Palsy: A Story is my open and honest journey from an angry, confused child, knowing something was wrong, but not knowing what, to the ‘real’ me, using my experiences and lessons to create inspiring messages about mental and physical health, positivity, resilience and change.

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

Zooloo Book Tours @ZooloosBT offered it to me, and I loved the sound of it.  The author says about herself (on www.thecpdiary.com )  “What is it like living with cerebral palsy? I cannot truly answer that question as for 46 years of my life I never knew that’s what I had. It was only in March 2009 that I was finally diagnosed” and that drew me in to read this memoir/self help book. 

While (I am reading it)

This week I’ve been out for our annual 18km hike from A-B across the mountain tops. It is a tough hike, hence only done once a year, but the stunning views are worth it.  Usually we meet many cows, some of which need wary avoiding.  This time there were lots of roaming (but cared for) horses and a cute marmot (plus a few cows, but a lot less than usual). 

My review of Ilana Estelle’s book will be up shortly, meanwhile take a look at what other memoirs and biographies I have read and reviewed here: https://emmabbooks.com/home/memoirs-biographies/

All the best, Emma

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