#newbook Food of Love by Sylvia Vetta @sylviavetta  @ClaretPress

Out today is Sylvia Vetta’s memoir Food of Love: Cooking Up a Life Across Gender, Class and Race, published by Claret Press.

This is on my TBR list, as I really enjoyed Sculpting the Elephant and Brushstrokes in Time by this author, so can’t wait to find out more about her life, and try the included recipes. 

There is a free launch event for Sylvia’s memoir, on 18 October in Oxford, UK; here is the link to more information about it  https://oldfirestation.org.uk/whats-on/the-launch-of-sylvia-vettas-memoir/

Book Blurb for Food of Love

Boomer Britain is transforming. Ethnic diversity, social mobility and only the remnants of empire − throw in a female PM and it’s a nation reinventing itself.

Sylvia Vetta’s life mirrors this maelstrom. Seasoned with facts, stirred with love, sprinkled with insight, hers is the story of a life lived in the cauldron of change, for women, for the working class and for people of colour. But with recipes.

About the Author

Sylvia was the only girl in her estate in Luton to pass the 11+ and access higher education. She married Indian-born academic Atam Vetta, when mixed relationships were viewed with hostility. After teaching, she went into business in Oxford (1983) and discovered women were barred from networking opportunities.

Sylvia wants to tell the untold story of white women like her who married men of colour – when that was both rare and hard. At a time of partisan hostility on public platforms leading to a lack of trust, she hopes her perspective can add a spoonful of kindness.

Books I have read by Sylvia Vetta

To see my reviews, click on the book covers:

Tell me what you think about Sylvia’s memoir please – and the recipes!

All the best, Emma

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