#amreading – What, Why, While :   Reasons to Go Outside by Esme King

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading the feel good contemporary fiction Reasons to Go Outside by Esme King.    This was published in May 2022 by Hodder & Stoughton.

Book Blurb   (taken from  https://www.goodreads.com/ )

Pearl Winter hasn’t been outside in forty-three years.

Since she arrived on Dartmoor as a girl, an isolated family cottage has been her whole world. A place of safety. But now fifty-nine-year-old Pearl is utterly alone – except for the postman, the local crows, and memories of the summer of 1976.

Teenager Connor Matthews feels like a stranger in his own home.

Since his mother’s death he’s been adrift from his remaining family, troubled by the reality of moving on, and unable to see a future ahead. But when Connor begins a summer job as Pearl’s gardener, an unexpected friendship opens the door to a fresh start for them both. If only Pearl and Connor can take the first steps . . . 

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I’m reading it because I’ve seen it recommended on Twitter, and wanted a book that was uplifting and different to the thrillers I am often to be found reading. 

While (I am reading it)

I took up learning to play the piano (for the first time in my life) about 18 months ago, and am excited to be nearly at the end of Faber Adult Piano Adventures  All-in-One Piano Course – Book 1.  Some of the pieces are tricky, so I’ve enlisted the kitten to play them – I submit my pieces to my teacher via an app, so I hope she won’t notice!

For those interested, I have online Zoom lessons with a wonderful, motivational and fun teacher – find her at https://www.tarahentonmusic.co.uk/   or contact me via my website for more info (great gift for someone!)

All the best, Emma

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  1. Cats are notorious musicians, Emma. I am sure that your piano teacher won’t tell the difference 🙂

    A applaud your musical path. The way the right and the left hands work together on the piano seems to strengthen so many pathways between the left and the right hemisphere s in our brains. (I don’t play, but my daughter does).

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  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing about your musical lessons. This sounds like a delightful book. I will put it on my TBR list. Thank you for your review. 🙂

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