#amreading – What, Why, While :   Emperor by John Fullerton @fictionarrative

This week I am posting my usual  “Sunday post” a few days early – change is good (so they say!)

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading the political thriller (and spy novel) Emperor by John Fullerton, which is being published on 9th December 2022.  Digital pre-orders are available from today.

Book Blurb   (supplied by the author)

Can ex-NSA agent Ava stop the Emperor’s war plans before he kills millions – and her?

There’s a new Cold War…and it’s about to erupt into World War Three.

Emperor Qin – absolute ruler, dictator for life – has one task before he succumbs to brain cancer, and it means war. Can ex-spy Ava stop him in time to save millions – and survive?

Qin will ‘unify ’China by ordering the conquest of Taiwan, a democratic nation of 23 million people just 100 miles off the mainland, a pledge the Chinese Communist Party has made every year since the 1949 Revolution.

But there’s a leak, a flood of state secrets.

They land in the lap of the former NSA analyst in Washington DC. Ava Shute hasn’t sought the material. On the contrary, she’s a most reluctant recipient.

One thing keeps Ava going: the prospect of a nuclear Armageddon. The clock is ticking as Chinese agents hunt Ava down with orders to kill.

About the Author (as supplied by John Fullerton)

Taken from John Fullerton’s Twitter account – because it’s such a great photo!

John Fullerton was, for a time, a ‘contract labourer’ for the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, an experience that formed the basis of his recent Cold War spy trilogy. He’s lived or worked in 40 countries as a journalist and covered a dozen wars. Fullerton was employed by Reuters for 20 years with postings in Hong Kong, Delhi, Beirut, Nicosia, Cairo, and London. Emperor is his tenth novel. He lives in Scotland and has begun a new espionage series set in the UK and Germany.


More about John Fullerton, and his books, can be found at: https://johnfullertonauthor.scot/ .

He is also on Fackbook: John Fullerton’s books

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I was offered this to read as an ARC, and not having heard of the author before I did a quick google on him, and, as you can see in the “About the Author” section above, John Fullerton appears to have led a full and interesting life.  I hoped this would be transferred into his writing, and my goodness it has!  I am completely involved in the story and the characters, and also in the world politics (and I am not a political person!) and possible outcomes if China invades Taiwan.  It is taking me an age to read, as I keep stopping to think about what I have read, and google for more detail, even watching the docu-film one of the characters talks about!  Of course there is also plenty of spy drama too. I can tell you now, I am loving it!

While (I am reading it)

The Christmas Markets have opened up here in Austria, after a break of a few years.  Where I live it is being well attended, with people excited to be out and about again enjoying the pre-Christmas atmosphere as well as good food, local musicians, beautiful hand-made crafts and of course a mug of glühwein (or two).  It was difficult to get a photo that wasn’t just crowds of people!

All the best, Emma

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