#amreading – What, Why, While :   Killer Story by Matt Witten  @MattZWitten   @oceanviewpub 

What (am I currently reading)?

I am reading the mystery thriller Killer Story by Matt Witten.   This is being published by Oceanview Publishing on 17th January 2023. 

Book Blurb   (taken from https://oceanviewpub.com/  )

How far will she go to catch the killer—and make her podcast a hit?

Petra Kovach, a talented and idealistic young reporter, is on the brink of being laid off from her third failing newspaper in a row. To save her job, she pitches the launch of a true crime podcast about a sensational, unsolved murder.

Years earlier, an alt-right YouTuber was killed in her Harvard dorm room, and the case went cold. Petra knew the victim—she was once her camp counselor and loved her like a little sister, despite their political differences.

Petra’s investigation gets off to a rocky start, as her promising leads quickly shrivel up. In her passionate quest for justice—and clicks—Petra burns sources and breaks laws, ultimately putting her own life on the line. Even as her star rises, she worries it could all come crashing down at any moment if her actions are exposed.

When her machinations start to backfire, there’s only one way to fix everything and solve the murder—even though it may cost her everything she loves.

More Info

The author, Matt Witten, has some great info about how Killer Story came to be over on his website at:  https://mattwittenwriter.com/killer-story/ .  There you can also find out more about Matt himself, and what he gets up to. 

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I chose to read Killer Story because it seemed topical, and the story looked great.  I know nothing about podcast journalism and enjoy a book that I can learn something from and/or will give me things to think about.  So far this is doing both of those!

While (I am reading it)

Here in Austria, like most of Europe, we are experiencing an unusually warm January.  However the piste people are doing an amazing job of keeping the pistes open, and here are a couple of photos from my early walk up one of them yesterday.  It’s so quiet because it was somewhat early! 

All the best,  Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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