#newbook  Cold Kill by Susan Handley   @shandleyauthor

Out Today is the 2nd crime thriller in Susan Handley’s DI Matt Fisher series – Cold Kill.   This is the 6th novel published by this great author, and having really enjoyed the 1st book in the series Paid in Blood  , I can’t wait to get started on Cold Kill. I hope to have my review up by the end of this month. 

The DI Matt Fisher Series, Book 2

Book Blurb

When an elderly woman is found murdered in her own home DI Matt Fisher is given the case. Shortly afterwards, another woman dies in similar circumstances, DI Fisher, assisted by DC Beth Nightingale and his guide dog Luna, must look for anything to link the victims in the hope of preventing more lives being lost.

Fisher may be blind but his instincts are as sharp as ever, though even he begins to question whether they are sharp enough when the investigation hits dead end after dead end.

With no obvious motive and the fact that the women had nothing in common, Fisher consults Dr Martha Woolf, a university psychologist and expert on serial killers.

The cases pique the academic’s interest and she and Fisher join forces. As a result, the investigation takes a turn nobody could have expected, including the killer. 

Buy now in ebook or paperback from Amazon:  Cold Kill: A DI Matt Fisher Crime Thriller (The DI Matt Fisher Series Book 2)

About Susan Handley

Susan Handley grew up in the Midlands and now lives in a small village in rural Kent with her husband and a menagerie of rescue animals (two cats, two dogs and three chickens). When she’s not indulging in her love of writing crime fiction, she can be found pottering around the garden or enjoying long walks with the dogs.

As a child, Susan devoured anything crime related: books, films, TV shows and even games (anyone remember electronic detective? – a game Susan professes to have been a whizz at). Although she dreamt of becoming a pathologist like Quincy (one of her favourite shows growing up), Susan went on to study chemistry and went as far as getting her doctorate. Soon, however, she came to the conclusion that lab work wasn’t for her and went on to have a successful career in finance. Though throughout it all, she never stopped dreaming of becoming a writer.

Susan is the author of four books in the DC Cat McKenzie series, and two in the DI Matt Fisher series. In addition to her novels, Susan has published two crime fiction anthologies, Crime Bites volumes 1 and 2.

Find out more about Susan Handley, and her books at:  https://susanhandley.co.uk/

The DI Matt Fisher Series, Book 1

All the best, Emma

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