A Lady’s Risk by Felicity George

Regency romance

Meggy’s ne’er do good brother has died leaving Meggy and her much younger brother and sister in the care of her brother’s friend Lord Holbrook.  With their fortune squandered Meggy (otherwise known as Lady Fairchild) has only one goal, that is to find a good, safe, reliable husband to ensure the future of herself and her two siblings.  If only life were that simple, and if only Lord Holbrook wasn’t quite so good looking!

Beginning in September 1812, the reader is whisked into a world of grandeur in Suffolk and London – but underneath life is not as beautiful as a quick glance would have us believe.  People are not all that they seem, mysteries from the past refuse to remain hidden, and finding an acceptable husband proves troublesome.

The story is very much about Meggy and Lord Holbrook, Meggy seemingly good in every way and Lord Holbrook a rake and a scoundrel.   Emotions rise and fall, suitors visit, and sometimes there are steamy encounters. 

A great book, but the wrong genre for me.  I enjoyed learning more about the social norms of these times, and Meggy as a character, and the predicament she found herself in, was great.  I did find the opening pages a little stilted, as the scene was set, but very quickly this turned into an enjoyable and immersive read.  Perfect for lovers of Regency period romance, with strong characters, moral dilemmas and bedroom encounters.   

Set:   Suffolk and London

Publisher:  Orion Dash

Published:  September 2022

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