An Enemy Like Me by Teri M. Brown

A war against the country of your grandparents

This wonderful historical fiction follows 3 generations of one family: Hyman, Jacob and William.   Jacob is living in the USA when the 2nd World War reaches America and is worried about how his German origins will effect other’s perceptions of him.  The rest of his life, and those around him, is changed by his decision regarding this concern. 

Teri M Brown gets right to the heart of what it meant (still means) to be an ordinary, young person when war is declared.  The impact on those going to fight, plus their families left behind.  She explains how the USA got involved, and what was going on elsewhere. However this novel is about people not politics, and how they managed and how they felt before, during and after war changed their lives.  The realities of war on ordinary people, both at home and away fighting. 

I got a little confused at the beginning of this book about who was who, so hope I haven’t spoilt anything by giving the relationships in this review.  Reading this in paperback format would have been good, as I would have loved to have flicked back to re-read some of the chapters; I don’t find Kindle user-friendly for flipping to and fro.

Another great book from Teri M Brown, who takes the reader straight to the heart of living at times like this, and fighting against a nation with which one has family ties.  Strong, involving and interesting.   A 5* read, apart from my confusion at the beginning, that drew me into the characters, and made me wonder how I would cope in similar circumstances.

Set:  North Carolina, USA (and Germany)

Publisher:  Atmosphere Press

Published:  24 January 2023

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