An Engineered Injustice by William L.  Myers, Jr.

Fast Moving Legal Thriller

My Rating:  5  out of 5     


 A major train crash occurs.  Can lawyer Vaughn Coburn clear the name of the engineer/train driver before the mob take justice into their own hands?

An Engineered InjusticeSet in Philadelphia the action in this fast moving legal thriller takes place over 3 months.  Vaughn Coburn is fighting public opinion, the law courts and the underboss of the Philly mob to save his cousin, who was driving the train, from a long prison sentence – or worse.   Sense, and his bosses, say he should drop the case, but a secret in his background means Vaughn must fight to win his cousin’s freedom. 

Some heart stopping moments and plenty to think about in this great thriller.  The twists and turns come fast, as the reader is given just enough information to keep them intrigued and guessing until it all becomes shockingly clear.  Vaughn Coburn is a great character, likeable and decent.  The mob are a frightening bunch of people, however their violence though ever present and chilling, is not graphically portrayed. 

This is the first book I have read by this author.  It is completely stand alone, though is the second book in a series of 3.  The third book is due out in early 2019;  I’m looking forward to reading that.  William L. Myers Jr is a practising attorney in Philadelphia – which makes everything seem even more real. 

5*s from me, as it was a great read, and contained quite a bit of material that made me really stop and think.   Should I hear of a train crash now, this novel will influence my reaction. 

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