An Invisible Client by Victor Methos

Gripping Courtroom Drama     

My rating:  4 out of 5     

Noah Byron, a successful personal injury lawyer,  prides himself on only taking cases where the benefit to his firm is a certainty.  The book opens with an riveting courtroom action about An Invisible Clienta company’s decision whether to recall food or not, and then moves onto a pharmaceutical poisoning case.  In the midst of all this Noah meets Joel, who tests his professionalism to the limit.

There are only a few major characters, some likeable, some not so – all well drawn.  Noah provides the reader with some amusing viewpoints of how lawyers view matters, and interesting insights as to how evidence for the plaintiff is drawn up, and behind the scenes action.

The story moves at a fast pace, the plot is clearly drawn and I got very involved in the action.  Very enjoyable, and made even more interesting by the fact that the author is a practising criminal defense attorney in the USA – so, presumably, the legal content of the book is true to life.

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