Arcam by Jason Minick

Fast moving police thriller     

My rating:  4 out of 5     


The police are investigating a spate of seemingly unrelated kidnappings, and then there ARCAMis a murder.  Can Det. Chief Inspector Jack Robson work out what is going on before it gets any worse?

Suspense and action builds up as Jack Robson and Inspector Emma Wilson try and work out what the connection (if any) is between the people being kidnapped, and who is responsible for their disappearance.  When the person most likely to be able to help them dies, the tension increases considerably.  Meanwhile occasional glimpses are given into the new life  of one of the people kidnapped, which really adds to the intrigue.  Plenty of races against time scenarios, and action. 

A beautifully written crime thriller, set in Somerset, England, around the coastal area.  DCI Jack Robson and Insp. Emma Wilson are a great team, and characters that I’d like to see more of and learn more about.  Plenty of genuine locations mentioned in the book, including Porlock and the island of Steep Holm, that sound worth a visit – though the nuclear power station referred to may not be open to visitors!  

4*s from me as it was a thoroughly enjoyable relaxing and entertaining read.  Despite the title of the book making me think it was going to turn into science fiction any moment, it definitely didn’t.  I understand that a sequel is on its way, however this book is great as a stand-alone read. 

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