At the Bottom of the Stairs by M’Lissa Moorecroft

Book 1 of 4 books in The Blackfriar Mysteries series

A New Cozy Mystery Series

A fun, upbeat, short mystery     

My Rating:  4 out of 5     


This is the first Cozy Mystery I have read, and I loved it.  10 apartments in one block are occupied by an assorAt the Bottom of the Stairstment of characters – some likeable and some quite the opposite.  The characters all, separately, have something they are keen to hide, and old Tatiana (living in No. 6) is equally keen find to out their secrets.  Therefore everyone dislikes Tatiana, but who is it that will go so far as to murder her?    

This is a light, fast moving and amusing look at the lives of people living close to each other, and trying to keep their privacy from prying neighbours.  Lots of guessing as to who will do the deed, and just as you come to the end of this delightful book, there’s a twist. 

At the beginning of the book is a brief overview of each of the characters.  I flicked back to this occasionally during my reading, but that was hardly necessary.  I understand that the characters flit in and out of all four books – though I haven’t checked that out (yet). 

A great stand alone story, for when you want a quick (61 pages), enjoyable light, but clever, read .   I look forward to reading the other three books in this series. 

No sex (though a few humorous references to it) no gore, just a quick clean murder.  Perfect. 

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