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I read and review books of many genres. This is a website, where you can find my books listed by genre, and also a book blog - which you can follow, to ensure you never miss a great read.

John Grisham

I’ve just added my review of Rogue Lawyer  by John Grisham, to my site at This thriller is almost a set of short stories, all about cases defended by Sebastian Rudd, who is known for defending clients no-one else will go near. Best wishes Emma  

Suspense Thriller

I’ve just added my review of Siren by Annemarie Neary to  Its a  disturbing and atmospheric thriller set in the present and travelling back to the time of the Northern Ireland Troubles. An excellent read, even though it disturbed me so much it kept me awake at night! […]

At the Bottom of the Stairs

I’ve just posted my review of this upbeat murder mystery by M’Lissa Moorecroft on my book review website.  Its the first of 4 books in a series.  I’ve only read this first one – but they all appear to be short (this one is 61 pages), upbeat cozy […]

The Beauty of the End

I’ve just added my review of The Beauty of the End by Debbie Howells on my website  A psychological thriller. Sadly I didn’t enjoy it as I found many of the themes heartbreaking.  However many have rated it a 5 – so its all about personal opinion and […]

July Newsletter

As some of you know, I send out a Newsletter once a month.  The July copy will be sent out next week. Naturally I don’t pass your email address on to anyone else, and I only email you once a month.  The newsletter contains news of books I […]