Believe Me by JP Delaney

Dynamic and pacey thriller

My rating:  3 out of 5

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Claire is struggling to pay her way through drama school in New York, and has no green card.  To earn cash she entraps straying husbands for a divorce lawyer.  Then she’s offered a job playing for higher stakes – can she keep her emotions separate from the job in hand, and can she keep her feelings in check?

Believe MeThis is a dynamic and pacey thriller.  However it does have some dark, but not graphically detailed, moments.   There are some great twists and some real “wow” moments in the 2nd half of the book.  The characters are really interesting and I found myself racing through the last ¼ of the book to find out the truth.  The chapters are short – just perfect!

3*s from me, very close to 4*s.   I found the references to BDSM disturbing, however the light and easy to read writing style and great storyline mean I would recommend this to anyone made of stronger stuff than me!   Thinking back on the book, I remember the excitement, twists and great ending, rather than the dark sections. 

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