Berghaus Paclite 2.0 Women’s Waterproof Jacket


Truly waterproof shell jacket     

My rating:  5/5     


A totally waterproof, lightweight shell Goretex jacket.  Tested in a mountain downpour! 

Berghaus paclite jacketThis is a great jacket, long length in arm and body.  It has two outer zip pockets (wallet and phone stayed totally dry), and a one way full length zip.  It has a hood with a firm rim, which stays in the right place when wearing, and 2 sets of toggles for hood adjustment.  The hood does not fold away into the jacket, and is not separable. 

The cuffs have a velcro strip, for adjusting the opening size. 

It folds up nice and small for carrying “just in case” in a backpack.

I love it.  Its smart enough to wear as a normal jacket in case of rain, though as it is a shell jacket it does not keep one warm.   Perfect jacket to wear with my Berghaus Goretex trousers. 

I bought this jacket from in May 2017, and see that less than 1 month later it is no longer available on there (I needed a month to test it, before writing this review!)   However it is still available on the Berghaus website, so you can get more info from there if you want it – or ask questions on the Comments below, and I will answer if I can. have a Berghaus Paclite 20 jacket, which looks the same, so I have added the link above.  I certainly don’t guarantee it is the same jacket, but do wonder if the 20 should read 2.0 ??