Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

What’s in a name?      

My rating:  4 out of 5     

One day Ellie agrees to swap names (and clothes etc.) with her 6 year old twin Helen.  This book isBeside Myself about what happens when Ellie refused to swap back.

The story alternates chapters between Helen’s story from that day forward, and Helen’s life many years later.  It is a gritty, realistic read depicting descent into mental illness, and the struggle to survive in desperate circumstances.

This is a harrowing and disturbing read, with little in the way of uplifting content.  It explores the question of how much other people’s expectations of us shape what we do and how we act, and in doing so takes the reader into some pretty dark areas of life.

Though too “dark” for me, this is an excellent, and well written, psychological thriller.  The ending wraps everything up well and though the book as a whole  left me fairly dejected, it has introduced me to areas of society that I know little about.    I shall certainly look out for Ann Morgan’s next book, but check if the content  is a little more positive before I read it.

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I too have read and really enjoyed this book as a good piece of social commentary about modern day life and living, although I do agree that it left me feeling a little depressed and dejected by the end, with none of the characters being particularly likeable.



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