Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

Gripping Thriller set in Florida 

My rating:  4 out of 5     


A thriller with lots of twists and turns, centring on the friendship of two women.

Best Friends ForeverAlice meets Kat at an airport, discovers they live close to each other and a friendship develops.  Alice has financial problems, Kat has husband problems, and they become close as they confide their concerns to each other.   Then Kat’s husband unexpected dies, and the police arrive at Alice’s door. 

The novel has a somewhat slow start as the women’s friendship develops, but after the death of Kat’s husband this suddenly turns into a riveting read.   The story is told by Alice, and moves between the present and 3 years ago when they met.   I was gripped by what would happen next, surprised by the twists, and completely involved in the story.

A 4* rating from me as the first third was a slow start – though in retrospect I can see that it added to the story as a whole.  Towards the end there was a part that I found somewhat unbelievable, but that’s probably a personal thing.  Apart from that, after I’d completed the first 1/3rd of the book I was freeing up time to get back to reading.      

I read an Advanced Reader’s Copy, so this review is written on the assumption that the final version will have had some editing issues resolved. 

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