Bread Maker

Panasonic SD-2501 Bread Maker

My rating:  5/5

Makes perfect bread every time


(I earn commission if you purchase using this Amazon link)

Bread machineI have owned this for a while, and never failed to make perfect bread with it.  As long as I add the ingredients in the order specified in the accompanied book, I can use any recipe I like.  Just takes a few minutes adding the ingredients, then set the programme you want, and the timer, and wake up to the smell of baked bread.  It has a separate seed/nuts dispenser.

Easy to clean, easy to use, clear manual.  Easy to make just to dough stage also.  In fact everything about it is easy 🙂

It comes with recipes, however my favourite bread making recipe book is: Brilliant Breadmaking in your bread machine by Catherine Atkinson.

5*s from me as it never fails to produce good bread, is easy to use and the bread gets high praise from guests, with hardly any effort from me.  Only problem is eating too much bread is not good for me!

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