Breathless by Amy McCulloch

Audible version, narrated by Katie Leung

Slow burn mountain mystery thriller

Cecily is invited to join a famous mountaineer attempt to climb Manaslu in Nepal, the eighth-highest peak in the world, and write about it if she also manages to peak.  This is the chance of a lifetime for Cecily, not only to overcome previous fears she has experienced on mountains, but also to get a lifetime scoop to boost her career.

Cecily meets the climbing team, and the preparation for the climb commences.  However before the climb begins one member of the team meets with a fatal accident.  Other deaths occur, but that is what happens while climbing – or is the mountain not to blame?

This is a slow burn thriller, set in the world of climbing, which I Iistened to as an audiobook.  There are some interesting details about climbing, but nothing new to me  (I enjoy documentaries, and fiction/non fiction about this sport, and have attended a few talks by climbers).  I never found myself  involved with any of the characters, including Cecily, who at times I found a little irritating.  Therefore when trouble hit some of the climbers there were no gasp moments from me.  However Breathless kept my interest enough to keep listening for 11 hours, and many others have loved it. 

(US Cover)

Set:  Nepal

Published:  Audible audiobook February 2022

Publisher:  Penguin

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  1. I recently reviewed this one (I read the hardback which I found in a charity shop) and liked the concept but it wasn’t as much of a page-turner as I’d expected. I thought Cecily seemed a bit too nice and wanted some narrative perspectives from the other characters.

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