Brieftons Food Chopper


Quick, easy and no mess food chopper

My rating:  5 out of 5


(I earn commission if you purchase using this Amazon link)

Brieftons food chopperChops vegetables easily and quickly.  Great for salads, soups, stir frys, sauces etc.  I also use it for hard cheese – haven’t grated cheese since I’ve owned this.  Also chops fruit.

Once chopped, the ingredients gather in the base, from which they can easily be transferred into a pan or dish.  I love it.  No tears from onions, no sliced fingers, just push down firmly and everthing is cubed.  Items to be chopped do need to be fairly small – say 1/4 of an onion at a time, so there is still some cutting to be done.

All the parts disassemble easily, and go in the dishwasher.   The blades on the cutters are very sharp, so need care when washing.

5*s from me, and also from the people I’ve given it to as a gift.  The sort of gadget I wonder why I didn’t buy years ago.

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