Camino Island by John Grisham


Action, excitement and a few laughs      

My rating:  4 out of 5     



A page turning thriller set in the world of authors and priceless manuscripts.

Camino IslandScott Fitzgerald’s original manuscripts are stolen, in a dramatic manner, from a university library. The thieves believe it is the perfect crime, the CIA begin to agree with them!

Mercer Mann, an out of work and broke author, is hired by the CIA to infiltrate a clique of Florida based authors and booksellers, to see if she can lead the CIA to the missing documents.  What originally seems like a great idea to sort out her financial worries, soon turns into something else.

An enjoyable, sometimes humorous, thriller moving from the world of serious theft, to wonderful dinner parties and occasional strolls along the beach.   Plenty of action to make this a fun, easy to read, thriller.  Great book to escape into. 

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