Catch Me If I Fall by Nikki Rodwell

Catch Me if I Fall: How mental health broke my back but didn’t break me 

Inspiring and honest memoir

My rating:  5 out of 5

A motivating memoir about how the author came to break her back (T12 vertebrae) and her hard work and perseverance to recover as much as possible.

In July 2019 Nikki broke her back.  This is her story of how it happened and what happened next.  Beautifully written the author tells the whole truth of the shocking experience.  Her moods, her moments of elation,  her goal setting and her achievements.  In amongst this we learn about her life before that fateful day, and how her family, friends (and dogs)  coped with her hospitalisation. 

Nikki’s techniques for self motivation (difficult when you are lying flat on your back for weeks) are described, including music, motivational speakers and some very special little friends.    Together with the positive material the terrors of psychosis and the realities of life with a broken back are described.  However despite being very clear about the dreadful things Nikki had to endure (and praising her carers) this is, overall, a story of strength and the power to overcome adversity. 

5*s for this engaging and honest memoir.   I found myself completely wrapped up in Nikki’s story, wondering how it would end, cheering her on through her successes, and close to tears at other times.  It gives tips on self motivation, whilst being totally honest about the difficult times.   A memoir to leaving you reeling, but also uplifted.

Publication Date:  July 2021

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