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Proximity by Jem Tugwell

If you like psychological thrillers, I highly recommend Proximity by Jem Tugwell.  Set in the very near future its an exciting read which also contains lots of ideas of how AI and technology might change our lives very soon. A woman goes missing – which is impossible given […]

So the Doves by Heidi James

  Tomorrow, 15th May, the long awaited US edition of So the Doves by Heidi James is published.  Set in England, this thriller involves friends, family, relationships and murder.  An involving read with complex social issues which made me sit back and think.    All the best.  Emma of […]

Endurance by Scott Kelly

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently.  I’ve had a run of books that I’ve not enjoyed, not finished and not written a review for.  Anyway, back now with a 5* read!   Endurance by Scott Kelly is his exciting, dramatic and fascinating story about his year spent on the […]

Amok by Sebastian Fitzek

My review of this Audible Audio Drama is now up on    Amok by Sebastian Fitzek is the first Audio Drama I have listened to.  It had excitement, twists and turns as a seemingly impossible hostage situation is being negotiated.  5*s from me – I loved every […]