Cerebral Palsy – A Story : Finding the Calm After the Storm     by Ilana Estelle

Memoir and self help book

Ilana Estelle found out that she has Cerebral Palsy when she was 46.  At 56 autism was also diagnosed.  This is Ilana’s story of her experiences of coping and managing in a world where she felt different to those around her.

Ilana’s memoir is packed full of interesting self-help suggestions (that everyone will be able to relate to) particularly focusing on what Ilana found helped her – all practical and realistic.  Ideas vary from parenting skills, depression, coping with challenges, and so much more.  All focussed on improving everyday life and relevant to everyone.

Chapters and sections are well labelled, and the writing style is easy to read and very much to the point – no wading through pages of waffle to get one nugget of useful info. 

For me this was a  book to read in small chunks, there is so much good information and useful  ideas, that taking time to read and try out some of the suggestions, before moving onto the next section is worthwhile.  I also recommend reading it with a marker pen to hand, or something, to enable easy referring back later.

In summary, a book packed full of simple ideas that make you think “oh, I’ll try that” which could  result in really positive changes.  Interesting insights into Ilana’s life story, as well as a great self-help book. 

Ilana Estelle has a blog at https://www.thecpdiary.com/

My rating:  5 out of 5

Set in:   UK

Publisher:  Red Door Press

Published:  January 2020

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