Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman


Ideas to help cope with depression, plus humour

My Rating:  5 out of 5

Disclaimer:  I love Susan Calman as a comedian, so was biased before I started listening to this book!

In this book Calman talks about her depression, and in so doing tells the reader about her life, from school times to the present.   She gives ideas about how she copes with her depression, and her thoughts on how to help others with depression – and what not to say! Though there are many thought provoking, and often sad, aspects to the book, there are also plenty of joyous and very funny incidents related.  There are definitely sections every person can relate to (suffering from depression or not).

5*s from me, as this is an interesting and informative book,  as well as  being entertaining in Calman’s humorous way.  I listened to it as an audio book – those that are interested in her ideas around depression might find the written word easier, as there is plenty of material here worth noting down. 

As Susan Calman says #SusanisAwesome , and having listened to this book, and learnt something of her life,  I am now an even bigger fan.

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