Cry for Help by Wendy Dranfield

Murder mystery with strong characters

My rating:  3 out of 5

Madison (an ex Detective) is back in her home town, in Colorado,  for the first time since being released from jail for murder.  Her ex-girlfriend has just been murdered, and there has been a death at the fairground.  Can Madison find out who killed her ex-girlfriend, and where her young son has gone?  

This is the second book in this series, but the main character’s backgrounds are covered in this book, though I highly recommend reading Book 1 – Shadow Falls.  

3*s from me as though I loved the story, which flowed well and dramatically, I found the references to Madison’s past (recaps from Book 1 in this series)  somewhat clunky.  This was probably because I read Shadow Falls only recently, and I was keen to get on with the current action.  The writing is such that I always felt I want to read “just one more chapter” – this author certainly knows how to draw the reader in and made me want to stay involved for a little bit longer.  Great book, great author, but I loved Shadow Falls even more. 

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