Daffodils by Louise Beech

Audiobook narrated by:     Lesley Harcourt

Content warning:  suicide

Memoir of abuse, and the power of love

Having read, and loved, many of Louise Beech’s novels, I was excited to see that she had written her memoir.  I have followed Louise on Twitter for many years, so I was expecting some shocking and upsetting content, but, as with her novels, the content of this memoir went so much deeper than I expected and drew me into a world that I would never have imagined having seen this author’s bright and sparkly “public persona”. 

Some of this memoir was wonderful and gave added meaning to Louise’s novels and an insight into her writing.  Most of this memoir, however,  revolved around the suicide attempts of Louise’s mother and the shocking and upsetting way she treated her children, even into their adulthood.    There is humour between Louise and her 3 siblings, plus so much love and support for each other as they struggle to manage living with such a mother.  Throughout the book personal memories from Louise’s brother and sisters are included.  

There is also brightness in the descriptions of daffodils, their relevance becomes clear in the book, and each chapter is prefaced with something about daffodils. 

This memoir is definitely an upsetting read containing child abuse and alcoholism, plus suicide attempts and the author expresses the hope that it will help others in a similar situation.  Now, some weeks after finishing this audiobook I find my memories of it are mostly of the positive messages around supportive siblings (which could be translated into friends), and the final sentences (as with many of Louise Beech’s novels) are profound.    

My rating5 out of 5

Setting: Yorkshire, England

Publisher:   Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

Release Date:  April 2022 – in audiobook

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