Deep Dark Night by Steph Broadribb

Fast paced action

My rating:  4 out of 5

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Lori agrees to take part in a straight forward sting operation – but being plunged into darkness mid way through it wasn’t part of the plan!

Deep Dark NightLori owes a debt to the FBI, so agrees to take part in an operation to convict Chicago city’s premier mobster.  If she can pull this off, then she will have paid back her debt to Special Agent Monroe.    All she has to do is learn to play poker within 24 hours, and then join a big poker game.  The game is going according to plan, but the tension is rising, and then, wow, excitement goes rocket high as the lights go off.   And the excitement never stops from that moment forward. 

This is the latest in a series of books featuring bounty hunter Lori Anderson.   It is the first of the series that I have read, and it works well as a stand-alone book.  I suspect readers who love this book will be drawn to the earlier books to find out more about Lori’s past which is hinted at within these pages. 

Though it took me quite a while to get into this book, when the action started it never stopped.  From the beginning of the poker game there is excitement, constant action and plenty of jaw dropping moments, through to the thrilling ending. 

4*s from me as I enjoyed escaping into the fast moving action.  The plot was straightforward, so whilst reading I could just enjoy the moment, and go with what was happening. 

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