Do I Really Know You? by Sheryl Browne

Drama, tension and a few spiders

The opening pages of this book made me wonder if I was going to get any sleep until I had finished it – it was that good!

Maddie and Nathan, Kiara and David have all been friends since University.  Although they have remained close,  Kiara has recently started being somewhat distant to Maddie.   Everything else is perfect though.  Well perfect apart from the large spiders that keep wandering into Kiara and David’s house and terrifying Kiara, and some of the 4 main characters seem to be keeping secrets from each other, and Nathan is often away, and …

The mystery of who is doing what to who builds and builds right to the final pages, and kept me interested and coming back for more.  

The chapters move between the past and now, which builds the story in a flowing and easy to follow way.   It is worth however getting your head round who the 4 main characters are, so as not to confuse them in the early stages.  I take notes for reviewing purposes anyway, and found myself referring back to these. 

There is an interesting “Letter from Sheryl” at the end talking briefly about her experience of gaslighting and how she successfully overcame her phobia of spiders. 

In summary, an entertaining read, with dramatic moments, plenty of opportunities for guesswork if the reader wants to think ahead, and characters that are interesting and likeable (or is that just how they seem?!)  Recommended!

Setting:  Worcestershire, England.

Publishers:  Bookouture

Publication Date:  July 2022

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